Tiny black bugs that live on scalp and under skin on skin what are they?

Small black bugs living on scalp and under skin on skin what exactly are they?

Small black bugs living on scalp and under skin on skin taken with microscope camera and baby oil around the skin on the rear of my neck,they are small very…

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24 thoughts on “Small black bugs living on scalp and under skin on skin what exactly are they?”

  1. I’ve had the same problem for 16 months. Visit Birdmite.org great reputable site on how to get rid of them. You have to use a ULV fogger & a synthetic pyrethroid like Onslaught with a growth regulator (nylar). You have to fog every seven days due to their life cycle. Aggressive cleaning works best & fogging. Get a garden sprayer and use Lysol concentrated disinfectant (small yellow bottle at Walmart). Use a Swiffer on walls. Wash linens in borax & hot water. Used non-scented shampoos & soaps.

  2. I think they’er a smaller specie of bird or rodent mite. I’ve read they can’t live off human blood but thats a crock because they’ve been feeding on my blood for 16 months! I’ve tried everything and I still can’t get rid of them either! Windex works well but mixable Lysol is cheaper and effective also. These things spread like wildfire and are impossible to get rid of. They live in cracks, crevices, and walls and they come out at night to feed which is one reason they’er so hard to get rid of.

  3. My life has been an absolute nightmare because of these things. I get the crawling sensations & feel the pin-prick biting where they leave little red welts. The biting is more prevalent from about 12:00am – 6:00am. I’ve only been able to control them with constant space spraying, cleaning, fogging, washing linens in hot water & Borax, and applying Gold Bond menthol foot cream (highest Menthol 16%) all over my body. After applying the cream I dust off with the Gold Bond powder (green bottle).

  4. One guy in a bird mite blog told me he contacted Lyle (head of the entomology dept.) at UF and Lyle told him he’s been getting calls every week for months from people complaining about the same problem from states as far as California. I read in some blogs about other people who’ve lived with these things for ten to fifteen years and have moved several times during that time and still couldn’t get rid of them. One guy threw out most of what he had and lived out of motels but they followed him.

  5. They’er able to become immune to most insecticides. You have to use a miticide or synthetic pyrethroid with an IGR. You have to vacuum with hepa a lot and empty it outside right afterward. Don’t use diatomaceous earth, I found it wasn’t effective on this mite. Besides everything else I’ve done, I fogged with Onslaught & two IGR’s then dusted my entire attic with a combination of Sevin Dust, Delta Dust, Tempo Dust, boric acid, Borax, DE, brewers yeast, garlic powder, and I still have them!

  6. I had them come out of my eyes also, the only thing that helps with the eyes is eye drops that have boric acid in the ingredients.I only have one doctor that is trying to help, so far nothing. You have a great family they don’t want you to get this, and believe me you don’t want this, stay away for your own good. If you find a solution please let me know.

  7. I haven’t tried Onslaught I’ll try that next, using permethin and malathion and spray outside at least once a week, and have tried so much inside and it helps,however does not get rid of them.

  8. Yeah they’er relentless. I have a 100x-400x toy microscope (kind that connects to a tv or monitor) and looked at my white socks and was able to see them also. They look like specs of pepper like in your video and are very fast. I can see them crawling in the weaves of the fabric. They love white cotton. I’m now wearing black polyester/cotton socks. Use the Lysol concentrated disinfectant inside house. Mix 2 caps with water & use empty Windex spray bottle. Smell not greatest but doesn’t linger.

  9. You may want to consider buying a ULV fogger, they’er great. You can mix different ratios & use different things (disinfects/pesticides) and adjust the micron at a medium setting to cover furniture & walls, then set to the lowest micron so it floats in the air like smoke. I bought a “Fogmaster” online which wasn’t cheap ($300) but worth every penny. I’ve tried everything including pesticides but stopped and only run the Lysol through it now since its a lot less toxic and just as effective.

  10. I used the Onslaught & growth regulators in my fogger but was well protected with a full head & facial Czech gas mask, rubber gloves, and full body suit. I also taped my wrists. I’m not saying anyone should use it in a fogger and the manufacturer doesn’t recommend people should for obvious reasons, but I did, and only because I had the proper protection. Its strong stuff so whatever method you decide on to apply it, just be very careful and follow the directions to a tee.

  11. I’ve never had them come out of my body or eyes, but I have had them go into my eyes & ears. I rubbed it and it must of come back out because the irritation went away, but it was too small for me to actually see. The type I have are external & microscopic. They look just like black pepper, and only viewable at 100x to 200x magnification in fabric but hard to focus on due to their speed. I know they’er external because as soon as I leave my house, the itching & biting stops until I return home.

  12. I’m glad you haven’t had them come out of your body. I get hatches that come out of the bottom part of the eye lid I think they are comming out of the lashes, and I also get hatches comming out of my ears,scalp,chin,neck,underarms,all over, when they get in my ears and they bite, I cannot describe the pain and there is no way to get them out,brings me to tears I think it is there feeding time so many bites and the past couple of days really bad.

  13. We have microscope also and the only way to get to see them was to slow them down with vasoline or baby oil.Also with the baby oil these little clear looking things loosen up and can rub them off and these other things that look clearish with fibers or hair looking pieces in it.Went to doc today and got antibotics that might kill parasites,will see how that works.Great doctor he listens and is trying to help us.

  14. Wow, I’m sorry to hear what your going through and its great to hear you have a doctor who is doing his or her best to help you. You said “fibers” are they all clear, or have you seen different colored (red, blue, white, ect.,) ones? Hopefully its not Morgellons. Either way, give your immune system a boost. Take B-6 & B-12 vitamins, bathe with borax (20 mule team). You could even try making a solution of hydrogen peroxide, borax, and water and coat your skin in it. Also use tea tree oil.

  15. You may also want to also consider taking natural herbs (wormwood, black walnut, clove, cats claw bark, fenugreek seed, papaya seeds, burdock root, elecampane root, licorice root, milk thistle, ect,.) to help cleanse & eliminate any kinds of parasitic infections. You’d be surprised how many people have them and don’t even know it. You can also take diatomaceous earth (food grade) but drink lots of water and take probiotics (good bacteria). Buy herbs online its cheaper & good luck to you.

  16. Thanks,Yes this doctor is great been through some bad ones.The fibers are mainly black,some brownish and grayish. I do take alot of vitamins,minerals and herbs,garlic,etc,use essential oils tea tree,they don’t like rose gerenium.Plastic on bed, wash in hot water with borax,boric acid,permethin,oxi clean,D.E. and laundry soap, iron clothing.Don’t have bathtub but use layers after showering, shave 2 times a day.

  17. Thank you and good luck to you also. I do take herbs,clove,neem,black walnut,D.E. diatomaceous earth, and so much more.

  18. Yes, bird mites can live on humans! We got them from pigeons in the garden. Got rid of them by fogging the house and using products our vet would use in a chicken coop. Talk to a vet. We had to shampoo the dogs 4 times with permethrin. I used lice shampoo and tea tree oil on myself for a week. Plus the comb. And Ivermectine, which made me really tired for a couple of days. We bugged the closets and the inside of the car. Cut two trees in the garden. So much work. Still felt them for a while.

  19. While suffering I washed my eyes with contact lenses liquid. On my body I used alcohol. It was a nightmare! Constantly showering, washing and drying all clothing and linens. It’s hard to find a good doctor or vet who knows what you are talking about. Don’t give up. The synthetic pyrethroids are working. But you need to find the source: birds or rodents – and get rid of them and their nests. We cut the trees they were nesting in… sad moments. And we got rid of a lot of rugs etc.

  20. Whatever your plan of attack in dealing with biting mites, do yourself a favor and incorporate medical grade sulfur into your routine. It attacks them on and under your skin killing adults, pupae and their eggs. Other methods help, e.g., DE earth, Borax, etc. but nothing is more effective on you (other than poison) than sulfur. Try a google search for ideas/products.

  21. Yes I use sulfer use it in creams,soap, put it in my conditioner along with D.E. neem,tree tea oil, clove oil,gse,etc, Also take msm,neem,garlic, etc..orally,wash floors daily, new bedding daily, hot iron what is left of my hair, shave at least 2 times daily.The list goes on and on.

  22. Sounds like a nightmare Lori. There are a million remedies. I’d say first & foremost your primary concern is finding out exactly what you’re being attacked by. Scabies move slow, so maybe not them. You have a means of seeing them & you know what areas they trouble you the most. Try collecting a sample with clear packing tape across the afflicted area and putting the strips in a jar. If your Dermatologist isnt interested, I’d say you need a new one. Even an Etymologist might be able to help.

  23. In the meantime, try an hour long bath using pure sulfur in your bath. It’s the worlds oldest pesticide and affects a wide range of species you can find it on Amazon in bulk (5 pound bundles). Neem oil affects an insects hormonal balance & reduces the effectiveness of their overall reproduction. Try adding that to the sulfur bath. Avoid eating/drinking sugars (including alcohol). Bugs love glucose & it does the opposite of neem. Keep it simple. It will help you find out what works & what doesnt.

  24. Thank you for your response. I would love to have a bath, unfortunatly we do not have a bath tub, I think I would be over this by now if I had a means to take a bath, we just have a shower so that limits to what I could do, people that have a bath tub are blessed in my book. I use sulfer and neem in my conditioner,lotions,creams and even use the bar soap with sulfer, and as a added bonus I put msm sulfer in everything, and take msm orally. I don’t use sugar I use stevia.

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